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About Justine

Justine Egner is a Sociologist and Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. 


Egner received her Ph.D. in sociology at the University of South Florida and a Masters degree in sociology from Texas Tech University. She earned her Bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. 


Egner's research focuses on questions pertaining to disability, health, illness, neurodiversity, gender, sexuality, and embodiment. She is interested in the ways in which identities are shaped and embodied through processes of medicalization, pathologization, and social stigmatization. She seeks to explore how these processes contribute to the marginalization of individuals and groups. Specifically, she studies how processes of medicalization have shaped the histories as well as the collective and individual identities of disabled and LGBTQ+ people. Moreover, she asks how, and in what ways, do people who identify as both LGBTQ+ and disabled negotiate these often socially contradicting identities in both physical and virtual spaces. 



She has published on the subversive potential of drag performances  in the Journal of Homosexuality, on Abortion Law in the Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Family Studies, a historical analysis of sociological literature focusing on processes of medicalization and pathologization of both disability and sexuality as they relate to crip theory in Research in Social Science and Disability Volume 9, and most recently on LGBTQ+/Disability intersectional Social Movements in  Humanity & Society.

Justine is the the 2018-2020 Program Chair for American Sociological Association section on Disability & Society, and the 2018-2020 co-chair for the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Disability Division.

Justine Egner and Carley Geiss Win ASA 2018 Body & Embodiment Section Paper Award!

Research Projects

Research Interests:

Disability; Sexuality & Gender; Medical Sociology; Health & Illness; Intersectionality; Race & Ethnicity; Virtual Spaces & Technology;  Social Movements; Body & Embodiment


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Justine E. Egner

University of Wisconsin La Crosse



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